Week 4: One Room Challenge Mid Mod Bedroom


So I finally decided on the rugs. I went with the black and white ones that I linked on last week’s post. If money was no object, I would have gone with an antique hand knotted rug. But I am spending a pretty penny here and there on all of what I need for the room, so I have to save somewhere. The closet below I kept as-is in all of it’s wood grain glory. I love these closet doors! The chair was a craigslist find from a few years ago and is a Thonet chair from DWR. I”m obsessed with all bentwood chairs. closet

One Room Challenge Week 3


I am in week three of the One Room Challenge. I started strong, but then went on a short vacation, so now I feel like I am a little behind. And it’s about time that I make my rug choice  if I am going to finish in time.

So what have I done so far? Well I have painted the floor white, and repainted all of the walls and cabinets white. The room has a few built in areas and I kept the wooden closet doors, but re-painted the painted drawers the same shade of white. The whole room the same shade of white (Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams) and I really love it. It is a perfect white and it a brighter white than the previous shade, so it really makes everything pop. It is the perfect blank canvas to add color and texture via the furniture, art, rugs and pillows.

Here is the room in it’s current state.


One Room Challenge Week 2


My mid mod bedroom for the One Room Challenge is coming along great! There are still some decisions to make, like what rug should we buy and what should we use as nightstands. But the biggest decision of what bed to buy has been made! And boy am I happy with our choice. Here are some basic plans for the space.

The rug in the first photo is not really an option. The problem is it doesn’t come in the right size. But if it did, I would buy it. It’s from Anthropologie and it is so dreamy.

inspiration board 2-Recovered

One Room Challenge Bedroom


For the last couple of years I have been watching the fun going on at the One Room Challenge and this year I decided to sign up as a guest participant! If you’re not familiar with it, over the course of 6 weeks we will all be redecorating a room and sharing the process on our blogs. You can read all about it on the website for One Room Challenge and see all of the guests posts here. You can also follow along on instagram at @oneroomchallenge. (P.s. you can also find me on instagram at @brandeyehome).


So what room am I going to redecorate? Our bedroom! We switched bedrooms over a year ago and I never really decorated the new bedroom. And to make things worse, I decided to switch beds and move ours to the guestroom and buy a new mattress for ourselves. But I haven’t decided on a bed yet, so our new mattress is just on the floor. It’s currently a really sad and depressing room. This challenge will force me to transform the room in a short time frame, 6 weeks!

Here is the bedroom as it is today.bed before