Morrison Residence Then and Now: Part 3 The Kitchen

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Now: The Morrison Residence Kitchen

Welcome to the third installment of the Morrison Residence Then and Now series. You can find week one (living room) here, and week two, (master bedroom) here. This week I am showing you the kitchen of this mid century modern dream home. If I had to choose a place to be quarantined for months on end, this would be it.

Below is what the architect, Robert Morrison, has to say about the “Culinary Arts Center.” All of this is so true, even from the perspective of the year 2020 (the house was built in 1963).

Then: The Morrison House Culinary Arts Center

The second owners of this home made several changes to update the kitchen. The major change was to open it up to the living room, which we love. The cabinet configuration was changed a little bit, appliances were replaced, and the counter tops were replaced with a solid surface, Silestone quartz material. The original cabinets remain (which we love!) See below for the same view as above, but 50+ years later. I have to admit that I need to bring back plants in this skylight area.

Now: Morrison Residence kitchen

The only change that we made to the kitchen was adding a range hood, because we (Dave) does a lot of cooking.

Now: Morrison Residence kitchen

Now: Morrison Residence living room and kitchen

The bar furniture piece below was Dave’s grandmothers, Lucille. She gave it to us and we just moved it to this spot recently. Dave had the idea to move it here and it fits perfectly.

Now: Morrison Residence kitchen
Then: Morrison Residence kitchen

I am so thankful for the previous owners of our home planting so many gorgeous plants and flowers. The daffodils and azaleas have been here for decades. I usually cut a few of them to bring indoors.

There is so much storage in this kitchen. We even have a wall of storage in the hallway off the kitchen, shown above to the right.

Then: Morrison Residence

This eating nook above now is a credenza and kegerator, below.

Now: Morrison Residence kitchen

Last June (2019) we had the great opportunity to meet the architect of this home, Robert Morrison. Here we are in the kitchen.

Then and Now. Robert Morrison and Brandi

It was such a treat to be able to sit in this home and listen to the design decisions, construction, and ideas directly from the creator of this home.

Then and Now. Robert Morrison and Dave

Thanks for taking the time to meet with us Bob! We hope that we are carrying on in your vision of this home. XOXO

Morrison Residence Then and Now: Part 2 Bedroom and Craft Room

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Welcome to the second installment of the Morrison Residence Then and Now series. It has been so fun to finally put these thoughts in my head onto virtual paper. And I am so happy for all of the great feedback that I have been receiving from everyone. In case you missed it, read Part 1 to get the backstory on this series.

Now: Guest Bedroom and Craft Room in 2019

The Morrison Residence book created by the architect Robert Morrison says it best.

Then: Morrison Residence Master Suite

When we first moved here in 2012, we used this room as our master bedroom. A few years later we decided to move our master bedroom to one of the back bedrooms and make this room a multipurpose room. It is now a guest bedroom, TV room, and office/craft/sewing room, essentially exactly for all the purposes that it was designed. Here is the bedroom from the Original owners.

Then: Morrison Residence Master Suite

And here is the room as of yesterday, March 2020.

Now: Guest Bedroom and Craft Room in 2020

The flooring was a beige carpet when we moved in. Last spring we replaced it with a black carpet tile (it was done on a tight budget and SUPER affordable from ReStore in Horsham), which is really funny, because now I see that it is almost exactly how it used to be. I didn’t even realize it at the time!

Now: Guest Bedroom and Craft Room in 2019

I designed and made the quilt on the bed. The pattern I borrowed from the wall hanging above it. It is an antique hooked rug that I bought a few years ago in Maine. I also made the pillows, bolster, and lamp shades

Now: Guest Bedroom with Handmade Quilt by Brand*Eye Home, 2020
Now: Guest Bedroom and Craft Room in 2019

The portrait art above was found in a yard sale in Abington years ago. If anyone knows who this is, I would love to know!

Now: Winnie in the Guest Bedroom

This is our dog Winnie Cooper. She is a rescue dog who we started fostering in 2015 and ended up keeping 🙂 They call it a foster fail.

Now: Guest Bedroom and Craft Room in 2019 with beige carpet

I redecorated this space the fall of 2018. You can actually read a bunch of posts about this process and find ALL the details on how I decorated this space here. I was just re-reading the last blog post on this room and it has an excellent quote for these trying pandemic times. Is it weird to quote myself? Yes, yes it is, but this is even more true now.

You can’t predict what madness you will face, but you can decide how you handle it and thrive in a new environment.

I hope you are all thriving during our new normal of being home bound.

This room also has its own bathroom. Here is the bathroom circa 2018 before we had it renovated.

Bathroom prior to renovation in 2018

I designed this bathroom with all of my favorite things: green hex tile, the Cole & Sons Woods Wallpaper. 2019 was the 50th year anniversary of the Woods wallpaper design and they had a special article celebrating it in their magazine. They picked one of my photos of this bathroom to include in the magazine!

Now: Bathroom in 2020
Now: Bathroom in 2020

You can read a blog post on the bathroom renovation here. The green hex tile is a favorite on Instagram. If you are on there, follow me at @brandeyehome.

Let me know your thoughts on these rooms. I hope everyone is staying safe and sane during this time!

Morrison Residence Then and Now: Part 1 Living Room

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We are extremely lucky to have found this gem of a house that we live in. Our friends call it Ewok, because it feels like you’re living in a tree house. It was built in 1963 and has a mid century modern design.

Now: Living room in 2019

This past summer we were delighted to meet the architect of this house, Robert Morrison. He came to visit the home and we were so excited to meet him and learn more about it. He created a booklet of the home, so I thought it would be fun to do a series of posts showing the home then and now.

The most incredible tidbit of information that we learned from Bob is that he designed and built this home when he was in his early 20s! If I recall correctly, construction started when he was 25 years old and he did most of it himself. It was built in 1963 and is a true Mid Century Modern masterpiece.

I can’t wrap my head around being able to design this home (and landscape), especially at age 25. Bob lived here with his wife Ruth and their son. They lived in the home for almost 50 years. We are the third owners of this magnificent home.

Then: Original owners living room

I love to study the old photos and see what is different. The biggest change in this room is that the front windows used to be sliding glass doors that opened onto a small deck. The built-in section to the right of the windows looks very similar. I think the only difference is that the top of it is now painted white and the middle section doors were removed. The AC is new and was added by the last owners.

Now: 2019 living room
Then: Original owners breakfast nook
Now: 2019 Reading chair nook

This area where we have a chair or bench (depending on how I have rearranged this room on any given month) used to be a breakfast nook. The side table above was a DIY. The base was a lamp base and the top was a marble remnant that I found at a flea market. The yellow planters are from TJMaxx and the chair is Crate and Barrel. The hanging lamp is from Jinxed. The art is from a now closed antique store in Philly and is an African raffia textile. The quilt and pillow were made by me (you can find my online shop here.)

Another design element that we learned from Bob was that he designed all of the wall spaces to be removable so that they could be reconfigured. They are all based on 8 foot sections. Some of them remain in this room, as well as all over the house.

A really fun fact about the original owner is that she quilted! Ruth made the beautiful quilt that you see below on the wall.

Then: Original living room

Another big change in this room is that the kitchen used to be separated from this room by a partition wall. It is now open and the flow really works great for how we live and entertain. Dave is usually the one cooking, so I can sit at the bar and hang out with him while he cooks 🙂

Now: 2019 living room
Then: Original living room
Now: Living room 2018
Now: Living room 2019

The area above undergoes a lot of changes. I used to have the hanging chair in this spot, but since have placed this orange chair here. The hanging chair is currently in our entryway.

One decorating similarity remains the same. Houseplants!

The front of our Morrison Residence Book created by Bob Morrison, the architect and original owner.

I’d love to answer any questions that you have about this wonderful home. Let me know in the comments below!