Week 4 Spring ORC Mid Century Modern Lounge

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We are now halfway through the Spring 2021 One Room Challenge. I only have 4 weeks left to complete this space!

The space that I am redoing is the carport and I am going to turn it into a mid century modern lounge vibe. The view from here is gorgeous and you see lots of wildlife around. Yesterday while working on clearing out the space, I saw the adorable fox baby who lives on our property. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am obsessed with the fox family and I post IG story videos of them all the time.

Can you spot the baby fox?

Yesterday we cleared out the space behind what will be the seating area. It’s a storage area where we keep the yard equipment and trash cans. It was really disorganize and full of a lot of stuff. We got a bagster, which is a large bag that you fill with trash and they come to pick it up. It’s so convenient and it feels great to get rid of so much stuff. We had old building type material behind the shed and other stuff around that is trash.

When I was taking off the cover to see the condition of the fabric beneath I realize that there was a cool fabric underneath! Look how cute it is! This fabric contains my two favorite colors, orange and turquoise. Unfortunately, the back of the fabric doesn’t have the same fabric situation so I have to recover that portion. I actually have leftover outdoor fabric that is the same exact orange shade that I used for our camper cushions. I hope I have enough to redo the backs.

I love the lines of these bamboo chairs and how the two different designs have similar curves. This space is going to be beautiful.

Chair to the right to be recovered. I need to find fabric this week!

This past week was the peak of the rhododendrons and they really put on a show. I am still on the hunt for more white planters.

We still have to move this pile of wood to the back of the house. The plan is to build a cover for it back there, eventually. We may wait until the price of wood comes down. It’s crazy right now! In the meantime, a tarp will have to do.

The light here in the evening is just so pretty. The light filters through the trees and is so peaceful. I can’t wait to chill out here.

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Week Three-ORC Spring 2021-MCM Lounge

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It’s week three already for the Spring 2021 One Room Challenge. I was away for most of last week, so there aren’t too many updates this week.

My new lighting arrived and I found a cool white side table/garden stool at HomeGoods. I also picked up a new white planter, but need to find even more of them. I may have already missed ‘planter season’ at HomeGoods. They used to have SO many.

HomeGoods table with an auction find chair
Carport wooden ceilling

The ceilling in the carport is wood, just like the rest of the house. I will be swapping out the current lights with a similar style, but in white. I think they will pop nicely with the ceiling. I will also have white planters and I found that awesome white side table above. All of the white accents will look rad.

New lights for the ceiling
New light for the entry

The entry light is a lot larger, so it will make more of an impact. I still have to find a couple of rugs and fabric to reupholster the chairs. I got an estimate for someone else to do the chairs, but it’s more than I want to spend ($800, just for labor, nor even fabric) so I will try to DIY. I found some perfect fabric, but it’s back-ordered and like $70 a yard, so my search continues.

The door will also be repainted with a color to be determined. I’ll decide what color to use after I figure out the rug and fabric.

I recently read a blog post on Emily Henderson’s blog and it was from another designer that she is working with who designs completely differently from her. While reading it, I kept thinking, that’s what I do! While Emily (and most designers) start with a plan this other designer just starts buying things he likes. That’s exactly how I design for myself. If it’s for a client, I will put together a plan, but if it’s for myself I just start looking for things that I love and it all ends up working out in the end. I think that’s why most everything I buy will work in pretty much every other room in my house.

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Week Two One Room Challenge Spring 2021-Mid Century Modern Carport Lounge

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It’s week two of the One Room Challenge. You can find my last post here.

As you read last week, the room I am decorating is our carport, which is in desperate need of a refresh. Not much has happened in the last week, but I did decide on and order new outside lights. I decided to go with white, which I may regret when I have to clean them all the time, but I think they will look fabulous. Plus I plan to spend a lot of time out there, so it’ll be easy to keep them clean.

Here is a design mood board. This area will also have a lot of plants everywhere, which will break up all of the wood and brick.

I will recover the above chairs and keep the wicker/bamboo natural. I found a matching bamboo sofa on Instagram, but it sold before they saw my reply to buy it! I was so sad, but it just means something better will come along. Or at least, that’s what I am telling myself.

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Spring 2021 One Room Challenge-Mid Century Carport Lounge

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If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I LOVE to participate in the fun event called the One Room Challenge. Well, it’s that time again and this time I have 8 whole weeks to redesign a room. I decided to tackle the FIRST thing you see when you come to our home, the carport.

Although it is technically a carport, we have never parked a car in here. It has become a place where junk is just accumulating. Since the past year has seen much fewer visitors due to COVID, I really didn’t care. But now that we are VACCINATED and ready to hang with people and have visitors, it’s time to re-imagine this space! It has a lot of potential and doesn’t deserve to be this ugly and junky.

House with carport BEFORE

It looks ok from far away, but once you get a little closer you walk into this modge podge of wood and smokers and grills and a giant ax.

The ‘before’ of our carport
carport storage area
storage area overflowing

The storage area should be large enough to store everything, but we just have accumulated too much stuff and need to do a serious edit and reorganizing. This area doesn’t have a light so this will be remedied.

view from carport to entry

The view from this spot is very cool and I can’t wait to be able to sit here and watch the wildlife walk by. I have seen foxes and deer from this spot, as well as the usual neighborhood cats (who will also probably enjoy this area), chipmunks and squirrels.

View from carport

This wood pile will be moving to a location TBD.

This area will become a comfy lounge spot
Brick and blacktop

The ideal plan is to break out the blacktop and carry the brick all the way through. That would look DOPE and we already have the brick. The problem is this will be a lot of work. The ORC has to be complete by June 25th, so this may or may not happen. Either way, it’s in my long term plan.

My design plan is slowly coming together in my head. I bought this chair online at an auction a couple of months ago to use in a design project for a client. When I saw it in person I realized it wouldn’t work. So now I get to keep it for myself.

This chair was an auction find

I also picked up this set last week at the same auction (Briggs) and am picking it up today, whoohoo. I just need to recover the cushions to a fabric that is more my style.

Here is the list of things I have to do, which is subject to change at my discretion. 🙂

  • Reupholster chairs with new fabric (fabric TBD)
  • Find and add an outdoor rug
  • If time permits remove blacktop and add brick (huge project, time will probably not permit)
  • Replace light fixtures
  • Add lots of planters and plants
  • Possibly add a bar cart or bakers rack

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