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Aug 26, 2021 | Quilt

I have been a big fan of the quilt artist Luke Haynes for several years and I was so excited to see that he offered a virtual quilting class. The 6 week class walked us through his process for making a very awesome portrait quilt. He is having another class, so I highly suggest you follow him on Instagram and sign up for it! @entropies

I started with this photo taken by Traci Elaine and turned it into a quilt!

Photo of me in the living room by Traci Elains

I used the photo above and did some photoshop wizardry and made it into this to use as a template.

Portrait template
Cutting out each section

The process is very tedious, but it’s really fun to watch it come to life. You cut each shade in the template and then you use it to cut a different color of fabric to make the design.

View from my sewing machine, quilting in progress.

There are 7 colors of fabric in the portrait. 5 in the face and hair and then I decided to make my shirt green so I used two more. The background fabric is a vintage piece of screen printed silk.

Finished portrait quilt of me
Portrait quilt hanging in my craft room with my handmade pillows
The quilt back was made with leftover fabric from other quilts
My wooden tags.

What do you think? I am very pumped with how it came out and am already thinking of what to make next with this technique.



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