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May 31, 2018 | DIY, Flowers

One of my favorite things to do in the Spring, besides admire all of the beautiful flowers outside our home, is to bring them inside to enjoy. Right at this moment I have a vase of amazing white peonies right on my desk so that I can stare at them all day. Here is a little snippet of what I have brought inside.

As you can see, this branch was yelling at me to give it a trim. So I brought it inside after shaking off as much pollen as I could. 2018-05-28 10.30.46-2

It’s currently occupying this corner of our dining room. I’ll be posting a full reveal very soon of the dining room, but here are a couple of sneak peeks. How amazing are these lights? I have two of them! 2018-05-29 14.50.41-2

And here are the peonies in the ‘wild’ at the bottom of our driveway.2018-05-28 10.31.17

And here they are in the dining room. The wallpaper is actually the first choice that I made for this room redo, about 3 years ago. I’m so happy this room is finally finished! 2018-05-29 14.54.37-2

2018-05-15 10.28.15

The unfortunate part is that most of the flowers you see here are already gone. The spring flowers are SO beautiful, but don’t last long. And I have since weeded the area above, we will see how long that lasts. The weeds and pollen are out of control this year already.

2018-05-15 10.28.08

I will never tire of this view. The red fireplace was a gift from my Dad. He bartered for it and then gave it to us when we bought this house. Thanks Dad! 2018-05-15 09.59.18-2

This lungwort is one of the first to flower, but alas they do not last long. And also something ate all of my creeping jenny in this area. The creeping jenny is the light green ground cover below. Don’t you just love all these crazy plant names? 2018-05-15 09.56.20

Here is another favorite spot. This is the newest addition to our property, which we added a couple of years ago. We built it in memory of my husband’s Grandma and had a little plaque made for it. The Lucille Kleid Garden. She had a beautiful garden and stone wall, so we created this space in honour of her memory. 2018-05-15 09.55.41-2

This flowering dogwood I snipped and used for the One Room Challenge Master Bedroom photo shoot. Unfortunately they didn’t last very long in the vase (only like an hour) so they are wilted in some of the photos. 2018-05-15 09.54.11

I hope you enjoyed this walk around our home. There are more areas to show you another time. Also, be sure to follow my stories on instagram, because I have garden and house videos there! You can find me at @brandeyehome


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