Early Fall Flowers

Oct 4, 2019 | Flowers

I decided to squeeze the last of the life out of my outside flowers and bring them inside. A good time to do this is right now, the beginning of fall and before the first frost hits. The weather here has been crazy (over 90 Wednesday), and it’s starting to finally feel like fall (60s today). Since all of these flowers will be dead soon, I decided to cut some and make an arrangement.

The last days of the potted flowers

I plant a lot of coleus and it lasts a long time in a vase. It will actually grow roots and you can plant it and keep it all winter in your home. I usually do this each year.

Side patio with potted and climbing plants

For some reason my climbing plants didn’t do as great this year. I usually have more strings up the side, so maybe that’s why? I’m not quite sure.

Back garden

I cut some of these green leaves for my arrangement, as well as the coleus below.

Deck off of the dining room. This is Winnie’s favorite spot to lay in the sun.
My raised veggie boxes this year became flower boxes (well one of them, the other one was just weeds).

I added some of the yellow flowers above, along with some of the remaining hosta. Most of the hosta is already dead, but the plants in deep shade still had some life left.

Milk glass with a flower frog

I used a milk glass container with a glass flower frog in the bottom. They help to keep the stems in place. Ensure that you strip off any leaves or flowers off of the portion of the stems that will be below the water line.

Strip off any foliage that will be below the water line.
Garden flowers and foliage for the arrangement

You want to start with your largest pieces and then layer in the smaller ones. Don’t be afraid to snip the stems so that the flowers are closer to the arrangement.

Early Fall flower arrangement

I love that this looks a little bit like fall, without it hitting you over the head with orange and pumpkins. I’m slowly easing into the fall decorations this year.

The flowers look great with our teal sofa

Happy Fall to all of you! The leaves and acorns are starting to fall and it’s beginning to finally feel like fall around here.


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