Estate Sale Art for the Bedroom

Jun 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

At the time that I redecorated this room for last year’s spring One Room Challenge, I was never crazy about the art that I had over the bed. Not that is wasn’t amazing (it was an antique hand carved piece), but it just got lost in the room. This new piece of art is perfect for this space and it was worth the wait.

Vintage Modern Lady Vibes Master Bedroom

I went to an estate sale at the most amazing house and found tons of great stuff. I actually didn’t buy this the first day, but went back for it one the second day and luckily it was still there. I knew it was one of those things that I would regret not buying if I let it get away.

Below is the house! It’s for sale and can be yours for 2 million bucks! It’s amazing and I posted lots of pictures of it to my instagram stories. I’ll save a highlight reel on my brandeyehome account.

Incredible Modern Home where the estate sale was held.

Now back to the bedroom. The yellows in the new art piece match the yellow in the art to the left and the quilt that I made. What really drew me to the print is the lower left corner fabric print, it reminded me of the circle pillow that I picked up at another estate sale a few years ago.

Master Bedroom with Vintage Art, Light, Chair, Pillow and Purses
Those are antique cigar molds to the right.

The hanging lamp and circle pillow are also from Estate Sales that I picked up a few years ago. If you’re not checking out Estate Sales you are missing out. Can it be creepy to pick through someones belongings? Yes it can. But you can also find some truly one of a kind amazing pieces. And the prices are usually great. To find an estate sale by you, go to, or download their app. You can search on a map. I also have an email alert set up so it emails them directly to me (which is how I found this one).

Master Bedroom looking into Dining Room.
The art also matches the wallpaper in the Dining Room

Above is a view from the Dining Room into the bedroom. The wallpaper is still one of my favorites things about that room.

It takes time to find the perfect pieces.

What do you think? It’s certainly not an art piece for everybody, but I dig it.


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