Mid Century Modern Carport Lounge Reveal Spring ORC

Jun 26, 2021 | House, One Room Challenge

It’s the end of the Spring 2021 One Room Challenge and time to reveal our new mid century modern lounge carport! I swear Dave enjoys this space, even though he refuses to smile for a picture (proof at the end of this post).

Recap of all the posts: Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6 | Week 7 | reveal!

Thanks to Linda who puts this whole fun thing together and the media partner Better Homes & Gardens.

Carport turned Lounge

I didn’t have a full plan when I started and the design sort of grew organically, which is typical of my design process. The bamboo lounge chairs from Briggs auction were the first find and then I took off in the direction of bamboo. I guess that’s possibly not mid century modern, but who the hell cares. Let’s call it Mid Century Modern + Bohemian.

Lounge with Bamboo furniture in a carport

I found a bamboo sofa from Remix Design and it was already reupholstered in the perfect color palette so it had to be mine. All 3 pieces are movable, so right now I have it set up as a love seat and a separate chair, but all 3 pieces can go together as well.

Refinished vintage coffee table

As I mentioned before, the coffee table was a used furniture score while in college and it’s traveled with me for 20 years. I finally gave it the makeover that I intended to 20 years ago. Dave actually ended up doing a lot of the heavy lifting of taking off the varnish, so thanks Dave!! At first I thought I could just sand it, but then I did some internet research and realized I really should take off all the varnish. I had some leftover black paint from when we painted our stairs, so I used that to make it look fresh and new. I love the legs on this piece. Actually the legs of all the furniture in this space are amazing.

The turquoise chair was recovered in an outdoor fabric

The blue chair was another Briggs auction find and it was recovered by Jen Tiberi @j.tiberi. She did a fantastic job and I am so glad I didn’t try to recover this myself. I did try to recover the bamboo lounge chair cushions and it was a big failure. But the as is fabric works for now.

Seating area with a view in the carport lounge
Bamboo and wicker were made for each other, especially with the addition of some fun accent pieces

I love the HomeGoods faces side table. That was a great find, because I love to add unexpected and fun elements into my designs. The white shelves and two mirrors were something that I had and were patiently waiting for a new space. I removed the mirrors during last year’s Spring One Room Challenge from the bathroom and kept them knowing I would eventually find a space for them. They work so great here to bounce around the light and reflect the killer view.

A really great way to make design projects more affordable in your own home is to use what you already have. Moving a piece or two from one area to another can bring fresh life to both the item and the space. I have a basement full of objects just waiting for the right project.

Outdoor lounge space under a carport

The door got a new coat of paint, Brandywine from Sherwin-Williams. It’s the color that I used for the bathroom ceiling, which is right inside this door to the left.

Fun orange door

The view from this space is just magical and I love that now I can really relax and enjoy it. During the early to late evening the sun shines through the leaves and just really looks amazing. The birds fly by and stop to take a rest on the ground or shrubs. We even see the foxes from this spot.

Early evening light in the carport
Late afternoon light in the lounge
Mix and match furniture to make the design interesting
You can never have enough plants

Let me know what you think! I’d love your feedback. Remember I am available to design YOUR space, so send me a message or take a look at my services and I can create an oasis for you too.

Brandi of Brand-Eye Home enjoying the new space

Be sure to check out the other guest participants (that’s me) and featured designers. It’s the big reveal for everyone and you can see all of the amazing spaces that have been transformed.

View of seating area

As a reminder, this is where we started.

The Before

Sources: [note my posts are not sponsored and I buy everything my self]

  • Badass wicker chair: Briggs auction, recovered by Jen Tiberi
  • Bamboo wicker three piece sofa: remix Design
  • Bamboo wicker lounge chairs: Briggs auction, extra pillows came with remix Design couch
  • Orange, turquoise pillows: made by me, Brand*Eye Home
  • Striped pillow: don’t remember (it’s a couple years old)
  • Rugs: Ikea
  • Coffee table: vintage find while in college 20 years ago
  • Black pedestal planter: Target a couple years ago
  • Terracotta ribbed planter: Hilton Carter for Target
  • Tall terracotta ‘planters’: Restore 
  • Face table: HomeGoods
  • White round table: At home
  • Mirrors: saved from bathroom remodel
  • Hanging planters: had and many years old
  • White shelves: had from Ikea
  • Black fire ring: had from in laws 
  • White lights: Lowes

I occasionally sneak a photo of Dave and here is proof that he does smile and enjoys the space. I had wanted to redo this space for a few years and he didn’t want me to, because he ‘uses is as a work space.’ Work somewhere else dude! His current thoughts on the space is that he was wrong and he loves it. Praise be.

sneaking a photo of us with a remote shutter while my camera is slowly falling



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