Week 5: One Room Challenge Mid Mod Bedroom

May 2, 2018 | Bedroom, Design, One Room Challenge

Hello again. I haven’t been blogging this consistently for years! How are you enjoying seeing my progress each week? This One Room Challenge is definitively keeping me busy and I am so glad that I have a goal date to get our master bedroom in shape. If you are new to this room, you can see the past posts here:

Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4

You can see all of the guest posts here. Last week the dilemma was what mirror to hang. I have collected a lot of mirrors over the years, and wanted to use what I already had. This one was a clear winner in the looks category, but I didn’t think it would be big enough. Well I had my husband hold it up for me and it turns out that it is tall enough for me when I step back a couple of feet. There ARE advantages to being really short. So this is now my new ‘almost’ full length mirror. This mirror has a history that is important to me, so I am glad that I am using it in our bedroom. It was the mirror to my Grandmother’s bedroom set. I had the dresser that went with it for a while, but when we moved to this house it didn’t fit so I gave it to a friend.

week 5 mirror

Above you can see my fiddle leaf fig from Amazon with my Target planter. I went with the black planter, because I already had so much white going on. I am really happy with how it looks in the space. The small orange planter I picked up this past Sunday at an antique shop in Asbury Park, NJ. Isn’t it so cute? I felt like this room needed some personality and color so I added him here. What do you think; keep him here (with a plant obviously), or move him outdoors?

week 5 plant

Remember the white table above? It is actually an outdoor plant stand from IKEA that I was using as a bedside table for over a year. I set it up here with a rubber tree plant that I found on someone’s curb for free 5 years ago. It may be in the way too much, so this area is TBD.

The bedside tables I found at HomeGoods. I already have a lot of different woods going on in this room, so I figured why the hell not just add another? I feel like this sort of ties it all together, since it’s a wild wood with very light and very dark colors. The legs are what sold me on it, because they tie in the new black door knobs and sort of match the vibe of the bed legs.

week 5 side table

THe art is still patiently waiting to be hung. I have a wall planter idea that I want to do, so that needs to happen first to see what art works with it.

week 5 turtle

That’s it for today. This weekend is when it all has to come together so that I can shoot some great photos of the finished space for the final blog post next week. Let me me know what you think and don’t forget to check out the others participating in this challenge at this link! They also have videos of transformations, which are so fun to watch.



  1. postboxdesigns

    Oh, I love all of your elements already-especially that light fixture and rubber plant/stand! Can’t wait to see how you pull it all together! Best of luck during the last week of ORC!

    • brandeyehome

      Thank you! I am hoping to buy the last few things I need tonight and to get it all ready this weekend.

    • brandeyehome

      Thank you Tasha! I am digging the minimal color palette (minimal for me).

      • Tasha of Rufus & Henrietta

        Have you been enjoying the ORC process? I’m looking into doing it in the Fall and am curious what you think. Have you done it before?

  2. Yarrow Morgan

    IMHO all of those wood tones together jangle and make your room lack cohesion.

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