Week 7 One Room Challenge Mid Century Modern Lounge

Jun 21, 2021 | House, One Room Challenge

I only have one week left to the 2021 One Room Challenge and I am certainly not going to be able to have everything done that I first envisioned, but it’s totally ok. This week had a lot of failed attempts at DIYs and sewing projects and if you watch my IG stories you will have seen the failure.

But let’s talk about the stuff that IS working. I showed you the bamboo chairs that I initially picked up at an auction, but I haven’t yet showed you the sofa that I bought at a vintage shop. I love IG for finding gems and I saw it there first. The shop was pretty far away, but it was a good price and already recovered (hooray) so at least I didn’t have to spend any time recovering it. Here is a sneak peak and you’ll get to see all of it next week during the big reveal.

Vintage Bamboo Sofa

I don’t want to give too much away, so here is a view from the Japanese maple. This tree is so pretty and I love to sit and stare at it and watch the birds that fly by. It’s really peaceful here.

Another success was a chair that I had recovered. I picked it up today and it looks SO good. I will show you next week, so be sure to tune back next week to see what this space looks like. In the meantime, send me some good vibes that my remaining projects work as I plan.

Be sure to check out the other guest participants (that’s me) and featured designers. There is so much inspiration to be seen!



  1. Erin Zubot

    Looking so good!! Can’t wait to see all the reveal photos!


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