Week Three-ORC Spring 2021-MCM Lounge

May 21, 2021 | House, One Room Challenge

It’s week three already for the Spring 2021 One Room Challenge. I was away for most of last week, so there aren’t too many updates this week.

My new lighting arrived and I found a cool white side table/garden stool at HomeGoods. I also picked up a new white planter, but need to find even more of them. I may have already missed ‘planter season’ at HomeGoods. They used to have SO many.

HomeGoods table with an auction find chair
Carport wooden ceilling

The ceilling in the carport is wood, just like the rest of the house. I will be swapping out the current lights with a similar style, but in white. I think they will pop nicely with the ceiling. I will also have white planters and I found that awesome white side table above. All of the white accents will look rad.

New lights for the ceiling
New light for the entry

The entry light is a lot larger, so it will make more of an impact. I still have to find a couple of rugs and fabric to reupholster the chairs. I got an estimate for someone else to do the chairs, but it’s more than I want to spend ($800, just for labor, nor even fabric) so I will try to DIY. I found some perfect fabric, but it’s back-ordered and like $70 a yard, so my search continues.

The door will also be repainted with a color to be determined. I’ll decide what color to use after I figure out the rug and fabric.

I recently read a blog post on Emily Henderson’s blog and it was from another designer that she is working with who designs completely differently from her. While reading it, I kept thinking, that’s what I do! While Emily (and most designers) start with a plan this other designer just starts buying things he likes. That’s exactly how I design for myself. If it’s for a client, I will put together a plan, but if it’s for myself I just start looking for things that I love and it all ends up working out in the end. I think that’s why most everything I buy will work in pretty much every other room in my house.

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